Have you ever wished you could have all of your friends with you when you picked out eye glasses? Well...imagine having our eyewear collections displayed right in your home, amongst your favorite people, whose opinions matter most. We make that happen with in-home trunk shows! Select your frame(s) and our rep takes all necessary measurements to ensure proper fit for your vision correction. Then, we assist you and your guests ordering through our website. Shipping is FREE and your new glasses arrive at your doorstep in 5-12 business days! 

The BEST part...how great you and your guests feel in your latest fashion update. Saving time, money and having a blast shopping with friends in a relaxed environment will make Olive Dexter eyewear trunks shows your new FAVORITE way to shop for specs!

When you host an Olive Dexter Trunk Show, you qualify for 25% off a complete pair of prescription eyewear with 1-4 purchasing guests...50% off a complete pair of prescription eyewear with 5-9 purchasing guests and our  [[HOST BONUS]] ->> a second complete pair of prescription glasses 50% off with 10 purchasing guests!! This includes single vision or multi-focal (progressive, bifocal, or trifocals) glasses and any additional lens treatments and upgrades. Plus earn a $50 credit towards your purchase(s) with 3 scheduled bookings in 45 days. 

  • High Index 1.67 or 1.74 Lenses (Thinner Lenses)
  • Polarization (Gray or Brown)
  • Transitions (Gray or Brown)
  • Blue Light Blocking

Your Olive Dexter rep will provide support which includes social media, our collection of professional photography, crafting your invitation, and host coaching.

Schedule your Olive Dexter Trunk Show with us 15-20 days prior to the event. This gives adequate time for your guests to request or update their prescription. 

Businesses - we don't want to leave you out!  We bring the optical store right to your physical location(s). The eyewear trunk show can save your employees time and money, and you level up to 'hero' status. Think of us for your next wellness campaign or employee appreciation week!

With Olive Dexter, a brand new way of shopping for eyewear has come into focus!

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What are our customers saying?


Darla Adams, Grand Forks, ND.... "It was so much fun trying on glasses in my friend’s 🏡home, taking my time, more importantly was getting the opinion of a bunch of friends who aren’t going to lie to you. Picking out glasses at the trunk show was so much easier than going to an optometrist office or store and doing it alone. I picked out 3 pair, it was hard to choose. This was great."



Leann Dykstra, Phoenix, AZ..."I’ve just attended my first eyewear trunk show. It was fabulous. So many cool, cool frames to choose from. It was so easy, we picked them, put them in our nice little tray, they were fitted to us, we paid for them and we were done! It was one of the best eyewear purchasing experiences of my life and I highly recommend them. Olive Dexter, Awesome."