Corporate Frame Events

Elevate Your Employee Benefits Strategy

As a business leader, you know that employee satisfaction and retention are crucial to your company's success. Regardless of your existing vision benefits Olive Dexter Corporate frame events seamlessly enhance your employees' lives, their vision, and your company's success.

Our experienced frame representatives come onsite with our latest collection of fashionable, affordable frames for men and women. They provide advice and assistance with frame selection, pd and segment height measurements,  optional lens treatments, and placing orders. Eyeglasses are shipped FREE to the employee within 3-12 business days.

Whether you already offer vision insurance benefits or not, an Olive Dexter Corporate frame event is a great fringe benefit to show your employees that you care about their well-being and job satisfaction. By providing them with this exclusive experience, purchasing an important necessity, you'll create a positive workplace culture that encourages loyalty, engagement, and retention.

So don't wait - be an innovative leader in employee benefits and schedule an Olive Dexter Corporate frame event today. 

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