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  • Your Readiness to Jump In
  • Taking Inspired Action
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We understand that what we are doing here is highly aspirational and we are looking for people who are willing and ready to aspire with us as Olive Dexter frame reps. You may be the person we are looking for or you may know the person we are looking for.  Click here, to request an application and Olive Dexter representative will be in contact with you. 

The Olive Dexter frame reps are 1099 contractors who don’t punch a time clock.

They like flexibility to work where and when they want, and they enjoy the rewards of a generous, tiered commission pay plan.

Our reps like meeting people, having fun and can be trusted to put forth their best when representing the Olive Dexter brand. They’re ok with being busy, know how to follow up, finish up and measure up to minimum expectations.

They don’t report to a boss and they like it that way. They are independent, organized thinkers who inspire creativity, share ideas and differentiate Olive Dexter in the optical industry.

Our reps aren’t ‘salesy’ and our product is a necessity. The Olive Dexter frame rep is well trained, easily coached and is attentive to customer and eyeglass order details. 

Olive Dexter believes in creating authentic opportunities while providing the space for you to define how you want to be successful with us – whatever that may be.  

Timing is EVERYTHING. Olive Dexter is confident we are in the right place at the right time with the right products and the right plan.  If this is your time to do something new and innovative, simply ask for an application, We look forward to hearing from you!